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Adidas Striker Short for Women Review

To be sure, the Adidas Striker Short for women are a fantastic pair of workout shorts. They're so light and breathable that you hardly feel them. This, of course, makes them a terrible option for colder seasons or for running in areas with chilly gusts of wind, but as far as warm-weather and indoor training go, they're absolutely perfect.

This means that for outdoor sports like soccer, which the shorts were designed for, you're in good shape as long as the weather is in your favor. For any kind of indoor workout, whether it's jogging on an indoor track, working out on weight machines, or running on a treadmill, the shorts are also excellent. The only sport I wouldn't recommend Adidas Striker Short for is indoor or outdoor rowing, as the floppy material of these or most any lightweight athletic shorts can sometimes get caught in the runners of your boat or rowing machine. This can tear your shorts easily, not to mention the fact that you have to pause your workout to pull the shorts back out of the machine.

Really, the material is nothing special. While it is comfortable and it does dry very quickly, that's pretty much the case with any pair of shorts that are made out of 100% polyester. This thin polyester design will just about always feature these qualities. Still, the thin waistband and minimalist internal drawcord ensure a pleasantly unobtrusive feeling as you work out in these shorts. By cutting back on the size and bulk of the waist, you don't get that "waist burn" that could happen with thicker, heavier athletic shorts.

Overall, the Adidas Striker Short for women are capable of everything that any pair of classic polyester athletic shorts can do, with subtle improvements all along the way. The super light, super thin polyester keeps the shorts out of your way while you get your workout, and the ClimaLiteA� treatment makes sure that they wick moisture and dry out even faster than standard soccer shorts. They're short enough to keep you cool and long enough to accommodate some modesty, but above all are sure to stay comfortable even during longer workouts or runs. They don't ride up or shift around, but don't squeeze around your waist so tight that you'll end up with friction burns or rashes. They cost a little bit more than a generic pair of polyester athletic shorts, but the high quality makes the Adidas Striker Short worth the extra investment.