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Exciting Designer Menswear Meets Metro Sexual

Metro sexual describes the young single man who lives and works in the city with a high disposable income and willingly spends a lot of time and money on his appearance. You see them everywhere these days at the best designer store, clubs, fitness centres, and wellness salons and even at the hairdressers. Whether they are straight, bisexual or gay, they clearly place a serious importance on their looks, appearance and trends. The metro sexual man is the most promising consumer market for today's fashion industry as they no longer stick to the classics. In other words, vanity is no longer the domain of a woman.

Designer menswear is a great draw to the metro sexual men and most designers are pulling out all the stops to expand their lines of menswear to include among others shoes, sunglasses, caps, underwear, jackets and jeans. The designers are cleverly taking advantage of the newfound market for men's clothes.

The metro sexual man knows that designer menswear will be able to fulfil their needs for the professional look that will make the right impression, attract the right people and most definitely the right job. They are more daring to experiment with colours and styles from the wide arrays of designer brands to create their own individual persona. No more bland grey, black and blue suits to fill their closets. Accessories have also taken on a new meaning for the metro sexual men. From wallets, bags, watches, jewellery and grooming products, these accessories are breathing a new lease of life in the men's world.

Here are some of the current hot picks of designer menswear in no particular orders that are bringing in the metro sexuals in droves.

Designer jeans - The metrosexual man loves a combination of clothing that offers the luxury of comfort while maintaining the style for both business occasions and nights out on the town. There are a variety of cuts from the classic straight cut, slim fit, boot cut to the relaxed fit and baggy style. Their high quality fabric makes them durable and highly sustainable to frequent washes. They can be paired with formal shirts, Polo shirts and jackets for the smart casual look or with T-shirts for the rugged and relaxed appearance.

Designer Polo T's - The Polo T-shirt is an all time favourite option to dress either smart or casual. The short sleeved polo is great for casual outings while the long sleeves make the best impression at business meetings over drinks and dinners.

Designer shoes - These days there many different types of designer shoes for the men. From dress shoes, loafers, sandals, brogues to trainers, these shoes are intended to provide comfort, quality and style.

Designer sunglasses - The men's collection of sunglasses nowadays are beyond the classic style. They protect the eyes from dirt, wind and the sun's damaging rays and are handy even in the most active type of sports. Designer sunglasses are not only representation of performance but they are also hip and trendy.

Designer underwear - Designers are coming up with stylish underwear lines consisting of briefs, boxers, trunks and even the jock straps. All designer underwear is made of good quality material to offer comfort throughout the day. Most designer underwear is downright sexy. Why not? Sexy is good for the confidence!