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Reebok i-Run Information

The Reebok i-Run is part of the popular and highly rated Reebok i-series range, which includes other fitness equipment such as the Reebok i-Trainer, Reebok i-bike and Reebok i-rower. Traditionally, Reebok's expertise lies in athletic footwear, accessories, and apparel. The i-series has however shown Reebok's desire to enter other markets, and the popularity of their fitness equipment has proven their pedigree as a big brand. The Reebok i-Run is a bestseller in countries such as the UK. It has over the years become the most popular treadmill and continues to outsell other treadmills, with Reebok introducing newer versions of this model, including the Reebok i-Run Music.

From the name and the design of this treadmill, it is clear to see who Reebok are targeting. i-Run, does that not sound a little familiar to iPod? You guessed it. Reebok are targeting younger users who want style, performance and most importantly convenience. But in reality, they are not just targeting younger users - but anyone who wants something a little more sleek than the average treadmill. If that sounds like you, then this may be the perfect treadmill.

The Reebok i-Run looks fantastic, and has a sleek, contemporary and stylish design. It is ideal for the modern user, who wants something which can fit into a modern home and a modern lifestyle. It really does look good, and has a smooth finish to it. It is available in a number of colours catering for all users, including blue, grey/white, black, pink and orange. Now when was the last time you had such a choice with a treadmill? The performance of this treadmill is ideally targeted at the average user. Nothing spectacular, but for what you pay, you will get excellent value for money. An easy set up, and the fact the i-Run can be folded give that convenience we all want. All in all, the i-Run does a great job of combining design, ease of use and functionality.