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The Attraction of Replica Handbags

The attraction of replica handbags is that you can own a handbag that looks like a Prada without the price tag of a Prada. You still get the same admiring glances because unless you are an expert, you cannot tell the difference.  Even Prada would find it difficult to tell the difference. You can purchase any Prada you want and literally knock a zero off the price.

The great thing is that you are not buying a fake. A replica is not a fake:  a fake will look a bit like a Prada leather handbag but will be made from vinyl with plastic clasps.   A replica, on the other hand, is real leather and made exactly the same as a Prada:  the same stitching, the same hardware, the same logo and the same signature lining.  A replica Gucci Signature Hobo will have the GG signature fabric and the same leather tag.

Why spend all your hard-earned money on the real thing if you can get something practically identical for a zero less? Replica handbags and purses are just as noticeable as the genuine article, and get just as many envious glances. Replicas use the same high quality materials as the originals, while fakes do not. If the Jimmy Choo purse is made from white suede or hot pink leather, the replica Choo is of white suede and hot pink leather.

It is stitched the same way in the same places, with the same logo and the same clasp. A Jimmy Choo Ramona replica has the same clasp and number of buckles in the same places as the real Jimmy Choo Ramona. No matter what replica handbag you purchase, you will not be able to tell that it is a replica, and neither will anybody else unless they work with the real things day in day out. Even the stores that sell the real things find it difficult to spot the difference - in some cases there are no differences. Same design, same materials, made up the same way. What is there to tell?

While many fakes will claim to be the real thing, replicas do not, and are clearly advertised as replicas.  There is no 'cheating' going on, and while they are not the real thing but look like it, neither do they profess to be. Replicas admit to being exactly that:  a replica of the real thing, and their price tag indicates the fact.  Certainly they look great, and you will look great with one, but you should only purchase what you need.

Many fashion purses are not practical.  They don't offer enough room for all your needs.  Before deciding which to purchase, make a list of everything you will want to carry in your handbag, and then make sure that they will all fit in the bag of your choice.  Replicas might sell at a fraction of the price of the real thing, but they are still well made with genuine materials and they don't come cheap.

Expect to pay around $200 - $500 for a good replica of an expensive handbag. Sure, it won't cost $3,000, but even $300 is a lot to many people so make sure that you can use what you buy. Before purchasing a replica handbag, take a close look at what you currently use. What is good about it and what does it lack.  Do you need an extra pocket or two?  Would you prefer a shoulder strap with it, or would a tote fit your fashion sense better?

Base your decision on what you are using now. And then purchase a replica fashion handbag that meets your needs.  There are enough designer bags on the market for at least one to meet your needs.  If not, then you are a very hard person to please! You are being offered any designer bag on the market at a tenth of the price and nothing suits you! 

However, that is the attraction of replica handbags:  the fact that you can get anything you want, and that you can get a bag that ticks all your boxes for a fraction of the price of the original. Not only that, but it's not a fake made from 'faux' leather, but made from the real material and looking like the real thing. When you feel that lovely soft Nappa leather you would never believe it wasn't a genuine Prada. Especially when the buckles look real and the label is just so perfect.

No matter who your favorite designer is, you won't fail to find a replica of your favorite handbag, and if you can't afford the real thing are you going to refuse something that looks exactly like it, so much so that you couldn't choose the real one from the two? Of course not! So decide which handbag you would love to carry on your shoulder or in your hand, and go out there and buy it. You will not only feel a million dollars, but you will also look it! That's the attraction of replica handbags.