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Your Leather Jacket Guide

The classy and all-so-cool leather jacket is, as predicted, a must- have item this winter.

Just like last year, and the year before that, the leather jacket is yet again on the forefront and cutting edge of fashion. In this day and age, no wardrobe is complete without a leather jacket, no matter who you are, your age, gender, or size. I understand this and have completed a leather jacket guide, this winter, for you. From aviators to the hooded jacket, there is a style to suit you...

The Aviator

This jacket is huge at the moment. Created during WWII, the Aviator is the new must-have leather jacket this winter. And we could not have targeted a better jacket for winter: the Aviator has woolen inner padding making it perfect for the colder months. Its war connections create a wonderful nostalgic feel as part of a vintage look. They are an excellent addition to any wardrobe. However be warned: aviators can bulk up the figure. Those with larger frames, steer clear to avoid looking like the Hulk.

Inspiration: Tom Cruise 'Top Gun'

Pair with:

Military boots

Chunky knit jumpers

Acid wash jeans

The Bomber

The bomber is the perfect rebel outfit. The bomber exudes danger and an all-so-sophisticated sense of cool. They are excellent on men of all ages and shapes. However matching it to your particular body can be tricky.

For guys who are not very well-built on top, find one with an elastic waist that cinches your waist. This broadens the shoulders. For guys who are of a stockier frame, look for a standard falling design.

Inspiration: James Dean

Pair with:

Brogue Boots

Denim Shirt

Skinny Jeans

The Biker Jacket

A statement all on its own, the biker jacket is all glam rock. It is the ultimate 'if all else fails' piece, great for all shapes and sizes.

Inspiration: Marlon Brando - 'The Wild One'

Pair with:

Monotone print tees

Ankle boots

Slim fit black jeans

The Hooded

The hood is cool and youthful. Like its name suggests the hood is a leather version of the hoodie and as such is best suited to the under 25s.

Inspiration: David Beckham

Pair with:

Earth coloured chinos

Scoop neck t-shirt


Tan & Coloured Leather

Coloured leather jackets are bold and bright, perfect for attention seekers. Coloured leather jackets work great either opposite contrasting colours, or in a block coloured outfit.

Inspiration: John Wayne

Pair with:

Block coloured top, trousers and shoes.

Other bright colours, for example some plum coloured skinnies with a blue jacket.

Accessories matching the colour of your jacket.